The resources below provide information for farmers and landowners on managing woodlots.  Woodlands are an often overlooked but valuable piece of property.  Trees offer economic and environmental value, but these resources need to be carefully managed to ensure the available benefits are fully appreciated.  Proper management includes ensuring that woodlots that are included in leased land are protected while also making sure forestry practices do not interfere with your farm tenant’s operations.

General Woodlot Management

A Farmer’s Guide to Woodland Management: 10 Tips for Woodlot Profits and Enjoyment by Dick Hall for Wood Works.

  • Written with farmers in mind, this publication provides information on determining the value of woodlots, tending the forest, hiring and monitoring a logger, and promoting the recreational value of the forest.

Sample Forest Stewardship Plan, developed by Iowa DNR Forestry.

  • This sample plan provides an example of a document that can be developed by state DNR officials and incorporated into a lease.

Timber Sales

Conducting a Successful Timber Sale: A Primer for Landowners by Mark G. Rickenbach, University of Wisconsin–Madison (2003).

  • This resource provides an introduction to essential information for harvesting and profiting from timber sales.

Understanding the Sample Timber Sale Contract by University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension (Revised 2009).

  • A sample timber sale contract with explanations.

Incentives for Forest Stewardship

Iowa’s Forest Reserve Law

  • This program offers tax exemptions for the owners of forest land that meets certain eligibility requirements.

Cost-share Programs

  • This Iowa DNR site provides a list and description of several cost-share programs.