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Iowa Law

Iowa's Land Tenure and Stewardship Policy

The Landowner's Duty of Stewardship

Farm Lease Termination Law

Helping Farmers

Helping Farmers Fulfill the Land Ethic

Leasing Land to New Small Farmers

Land Management

Conservation Easements

The Importance of Timber Management

Prairie Strips in Row Crop Production

Women Landowners

The Women Landowner Series

Women Landowners: Land Management and Conservation Conversations from Drake Agricultural Law Center on Vimeo.

New Farmers and Women Landowners from Drake Agricultural Law Center on Vimeo.

Conservation On Leased Land: The Landlady-Tenant Relationship from Drake Agricultural Law Center on Vimeo.

Other Valuable Videos and Podcasts

The videos found below, while relevant and valuable to the examination of sustainable farm leasing, are not the product or property of the Sustainable Agricultural Land Tenure Initiative or the Drake Agricultural Law Center. These institutions are not responsible for the content or presentation of the following videos.

Iowa State University Extension Videos



Iowa Public Radio

“Women in Agriculture” A podcast from Talk of Iowa and Harvest Public Media