Jean Caspers-Simmet, Website Offers Tools to Help Landowners, Tenants, Agrinews (March 24, 2011).

Jean Caspers-Simmet, Sustainable Land Tenure Project Creates Useful Resources for Farmland Owners, AGRINEWS (March 24, 2011).

Elizabeth Williams, Off-Farm Landlords Get New Online Library, DTN/THE PROGRESSIVE FARMER (March 17, 2011).

Gene Lucht, New Online Tool Keeps Focus on Conservation, IOWA FARMER TODAY (March 9, 2011).

Dar Danielson, Ag Groups Launch Website on land Leases and Soil Conservation, RADIO IOWA (March 3, 2011).

Kathleen Masterson, Need Help Putting Conservation Plans Into Land Leases? Click Here, HARVEST PUBLIC MEDIA (March 3, 2011).

New Resource for Iowa Farmland Owners, Tenants, WALLACE’S FARMER (March 3, 2011).

Study: Much of Iowa Farmland Rented on Year-to-Year Basis, BUSINESS RECORD (March 3, 2011).

Leopold Center and Drake University Launch Land Tenure Project, WALLACE’S FARMER (July 1, 2009).