The links below will connect you to organizations providing additional information or assistance relating to sustainable agriculture, farmland leasing, or both.  A brief description of the organization is included. Publications and further resources on specific topics can be accessed through publications and other resources Publications and other resources .


Agriculture and the Law

Beginning Farmers

Farm Management

Land Tenure Issues

Landowner Conservation

Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation Practices

Women and Agriculture

Agriculture and the Law

Drake Agricultural Law Center

The Center is internationally recognized for providing opportunities to study how the legal system shapes our food system and influences the ability of the agricultural sector to produce, market and utilize agricultural products.

National Agricultural Law Center

Provides access to legal resources regarding numerous agricultural related topics, including an Agricultural Leases Reading Room.

Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation at Iowa State University

“Created by the Iowa Board of Regents in 2006, provides timely, critically objective information to producers, professionals and agribusinesses concerning the application of important developments in agricultural law and taxation.”

Beginning Farmers

Beginning Farmer Center

Part of Iowa State University Extension, the Center provides resources for the next generation of farmers through information and by matching beginning farmers with retiring farmers.

Farm Management

Iowa State University Extension, Ag Decision Maker

This resource provides information on every aspect of farm management, from estate planning to marketing to leasing arrangements. In particular, the leasing page has specific information on how to determine a fair cash rent or crop share arrangement and includes revealing surveys of rents and practices.

Land Tenure Resources

Land For Good

A non-profit organization offering education and assistance to owners and managers of working lands, entering farmers, and other-land use decision-makers in the six New England states. Among other things, Land For Good offers technical assistance to landowners and new farm entrants regarding lease agreements.

Nelson Institute’s Land Tenure Center

Provides resources relating to regional and international aspects of land tenure.

Landowner Conservation

Conservation Connect

Geared specifically to absentee landowners, this online resource provides tailored information on conservation programs, agency contact information, and the tools needed to implement conservation practices.

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

This is a non-profit organization that helps landowners protect Iowa’s natural resources. INHF publishes the “Landowner’s Options” book, which is designed to help Iowa’s landowners explore methods for permanently protecting their land’s special natural features—whether intending to maintain or transfer ownership.

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

The principle federal agency responsible for implementing the conservation programs of the USDA, NRCS has extensive resources on conservation practices and incentive programs for implementing them.

Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation Practices

The Iowa Learning Farm

The Learning Farm website contains resources to help landowners, farmers, and others learn to retain and rebuild high quality soils and clean water. This institution provides demonstrations on various conservation practices including reduced tillage, terraces, water ways and cover crops.

Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Part of Iowa State University, the Center explores and cultivates alternatives that secure healthier people and landscapes in Iowa and the nation.

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

An alliance of grassroots organizations that advocates for federal policy reform to advance the sustainability of agriculture, food systems, natural resources, and rural communities.

Practical Farmers of Iowa

A non-profit, educational organization with a mission to to research, develop and promote profitable, ecologically sound and community-enhancing approaches to agriculture.

Women and Agriculture

Annie’s Project

Administered through state Extension offices, Annie’s Project provides comprehensive farm management training for women landowners and farmers.

Women, Food, and Agriculture Network

WFAN exists so that women can give each other the information, connections and encouragement they need to be effective practitioners and supporters of sustainable agriculture and healthy localized food systems.

Women, Land, and Legacy

An outreach project designed to create a network of agricultural women to make decisions on the type of information and programs needed and to inform agencies and organizations of their needs.