The following resources provide additional information on environmental regulations affecting agriculture.  There may be regulations that affect agricultural operations that are not included in these resources, and the laws addressed are subject to change and may be different than the information provided from these sources.

A more in-depth listing of legal resources, including statutes and cases, is available at the National Agricultural Law Center’s Environmental Law Reading Room.

Federal Regulations

Environmental Regulation and Agriculture, a Congressional Research Report (CRS) by Megan Stubbs (February 7, 2011).

  • “This report covers select federal environmental regulations that could affect agriculture. This report is intended to provide the background, status, and issues related to environmental regulations or initiatives possibly affecting agriculture.”

Trouble Downstream: Upgrading Conservation Compliance, by  Michelle R. Perez, Environmental Working Group (2007).

  • This report examines the history and effectiveness of conservation compliance laws.
  • These laws primarily deal with ensuring conservation of critical habitats and highly erodible land (HEL).

Local and State Regulations

Cultivating Clean-Water: State-based Regulation of Agricultural Runoff Pollution, by the Environmental Law and Policy Center (2010).

  • This report provides information on regulations from select states as well as recommendations for future policies.

Natural Resources Conservation Laws: A Report on 17 States and Their Selected Counties and Townships, by Huong N. Tran, et al (July 1999).

  • As the name suggests this report provides analysis of select state conservation laws, including Iowa.
  • The report does include a chapter specifically on Soil and Water Conservation Districts.