The Landowner’s Guide to Sustainable Farm Leases provides an introduction to many issues related to farm leases and their impact on the sustainability of the operation.  However, there are additional considerations the landowner and tenant may want to address.  The resources below are provided to give additional insight on a variety of agricultural leasing aspects.  Some resources, such as the Iowa State University Ag Decision Maker, provide access to many additional sources of information, while others pertain to specific aspects of farm leasing.  For more sources on the legal aspects of farm leasing, see Farm Tenancy Law.

General Farm Lease Information

Whole Farm Decisions – Leasing, Iowa State University’s Ag DecisionMaker.

  • Providing up to date information on Iowa farm rental rates, form leases, tools for determining rents, and more.

Conservation or Sustainability and Lease Arrangements

Deciding on the Type of Lease

Land Trusts and Farmland Leasing

Landlord-Tenant Relations

Taxes and Farmland Leases